Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bill's Christian Lessons: God Answers Prayers

Up until now, I have taught Little Bill some prayers, we have talked about God and Jesus, we have read lots of stories from his children's Bible, and we have celebrated Christian holidays around the year. But in this, his first grade year, we are including a formal (but fun!) religion class. I have been so thrilled at all of the great finds on the internet that go along with our lessons that I put together. For some reason, it never hit me to put it on this blog. I find new resources and ideas everyday though, so of course some readers can benefit!

So here is our lesson on We Can Talk to God/ God Answers Prayers:

We talked about prayer and discussed how God always answers prayers, but He knows what we need and what is good for us even more than we do. So He may not send exactly what we ask for, but it will be perfect for us anyway. We happen to have a wonderful book to illustrate this concept:

In this sweet storybook, a little girl wishes on a shooting star (which I took the liberty of explaining that it was like a prayer and she meant for God to hear it) for a perfect little kitten. What she gets is a raggedy old tom cat. She is very unhappy about it and thinks that there must have been a terrible mistake. (I can relate!) Of course she ends up learning that sometimes you don't get what you thought you wanted, but you end up realizing that what you did get is exactly what you needed.

We also went over the Lord's Prayer together, discussing what each line means. I found a cute print-out at Bible Story Printables, which has pictures to go along with the verses.

I hope you find these Christian lessons useful, and please feel free to leave your own related ideas and resources in the comments section!

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