Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jazz up Your Blog for Free: 4 Places to Find Backgrounds

This blog used to be hosted on Typepad. The reason for this is that designing a blog and adding elements in Typepad is like using a WYSIWYG website designer. So easy and self-explanatory, and I can SEE what I am doing, rather than changing code. Though I've wanted to do neat things that I see on other blogs, the idea of changing code and figuring out how to do things (as opposed to just uploading and  dragging elements around, as in Typepad) has always secretly scared me. 

I recently happened upon some beginner blog helps and tutorials - not on purpose - and was inspired to try something new. I started at Kevin & Amanda's blog and instantly thought, "Hey! I can follow simple step-by-step instructions. Maybe I CAN veer from Typepad!" 

So I am here on Blogger now and playing around with my blog's look and feel and details. As I learn new things I will post them on this blog for anyone else who may be scared of this stuff!

Here are four great places to start!:

One quick note: keep flipping through designs. On one of these sites, and I don't remember which one, the designs were so-so and then about 11-12 pages in, they were fantastic and I was loving it!

Happy Designing!

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