Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storms Are So Beautiful

I grew up where it never snows. We've lived in the mountains where it snows every winter for three full years now. But I have never even heard of frozen rain. I thought snow is frozen rain. Hmmm. Anyway, my brother-in-law came over first thing this morning and told me that we had frozen rain all night and so not to even try to walk outside because everything is covered in a layer of ice. I stepped outside with him and was mesmerized! I grabbed my camera, bundled up & put on boots with rough bottoms, and went outside. 

Every branch is coated in a layer of ice!

Every berry is coated in a layer of ice!

Every blade of grass and leaves are covered in ice! So beautiful!

My fave, of course, the pine tree had every individual needle coated in ice!

Okay, I'm repeating myself too much now. See how pretty?

The mum flower is encased in ice!

The windowbox.

Even the bouncy horse didn't escape the ice!

Bill's play kitchen which we keep on the back deck now that he's older.

The photographer. Look how high the snow is at the door!

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