Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elk Watching in the Smoky Mountains

Though elk went extinct many years ago in the eastern part of the country, some were later reintroduced to the Smoky Mountain National Park. Apparently they come out each day at dusk this time of year, and since my brother knows where to go to find see them, he invited us to go elk watching with him on Saturday. It was a long slow drive to get there, as the roads were narrow, winding, and unpaved. But we enjoyed the ride - look at the beautiful fall colors in the mountains!

My brother was right! We saw lots of elk. When we got to the cove, the elk were across the field from us. But as the evening went on they came closer to nibble in the field. Bill was so excited to watch them up close because he had just read about elk in a recent Ranger Rick magazine.

Jill was thrilled as well, and got out her paper and pencil to sketch the elk. Jack didn't get to come; he was at an overnight birthday party.

So beautiful - a perfect outing for this lovely fall weekend! Hope yall had a great weekend as well!

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