Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bill's Christian Lessons: The Holy Trinity

Here is our lesson on the holy trinity:

We talked about the holy trinity, how making the sign of the cross reminds us of the three persons of the holy trinity and of what Jesus did for us.

We have a kids' CD called "The Dogma Dogs" and there is a song about the trinity, so I played that while we did our projects.

I drew a large shamrock on a piece of green construction paper and let Bill cut it out. Then we labelled each leaf with one of the three person's of the trinity. We hung it on our fridge when we were done.

In the kitchen, I took a can of biscuits and a muffin pan. We took each biscuit and broke it into three, and rolled each third into a little ball. Then we put each three balls of dough in a spot in the muffin tin. This shows Bill that the biscuit is made up of three different parts. But we put it together, bake it in the oven, and it is one! I found this idea online and it is a cute way of demonstrating that something can be three parts and still one whole. Unfortunately I do not remember where I found this idea - sorry!

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