Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Daily Bread: Perspective

Before we moved this last time, we lived in a city with the most gorgeous sunsets. It also had huge, intricate trees, the silhouettes of which looked amazing against the sunset sky. I really missed that when we moved here. We live in a little neighborhood, a new neighborhood so it only has three big trees. Here is a photo of one at sunset:

Not very inspirational, right? I was feeling a little sad about this change. Then it hit me! Maybe if I walk around the trees, I will find a pretty view since there is, afterall, a sunset sky. When I walked behind our neighborhood to get on the other side of the tree, here is what I got:

Much nicer, right? I can't see this view from my house but a metaphor was developing in my mind as I walked around and took these photos: when our view of life isn't so pretty, maybe we simply need to change our perspective! Here are the photos of the same trees before and after I "changed my perspective":

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