Monday, December 13, 2010

Why We Went Swimming in a 20 Degree Snow Blizzard

Doesn't this photo make you want to go swimming? Ha ha! We live near a resort that has an indoor water park. We have never been and tickets are usually $40 per person to go play in the water park! Well this weekend they had a special for locals, which was that locals could get in free by donating 3 canned goods, per person, to the food pantry as admission. We happened to have a snow blizzard this weekend, but my sister talked me into taking all of the kids and going while we had the opportunity. The place is, of course, indoors and heated. So yes, we went swimming on a 20-degree day. 

The boys when we arrived at the resort. Swimsuits under those winter clothes - so weird!

There are four huge waterslides there, and here are the steps leading up to them!

Here is Jack after coming down one of the slides. This is the very first photo I took in the place and as you can see, my lens was fogged up!

Jill did not want to go on the waterslide but once she finally did, she went about 20 more times!

There is a wave pool that makes huge waves, bigger than I've seen in wave pools before. There is also a regular swimming pool, which has basketball goals at one end and blow-up balls, and a huge floating foam snake that could be climbed on.

There are two big little-kid sections. This one is full of water slides, buckets that dump water, built-in guns that aim and shoot water, and a climbing structure.

At the top of said kid section is this huge bucket. Again and again it fills up with 750 gallons of water and when its completely full . . .

Look out! Down comes 750 gallons of water!

All of the photos I took of Little Bill are blurry because he never stopped moving! Here is a somewhat clear one!

Here is some contrast for you. Jill is in a swimsuit, wet, and completely warm, but right outside the window it is 20 degrees and covered in snow!

I wish I could bring a photographer with me everywhere I go! It is such a bummer when you have to ask someone else to take a photo for you, and most random people just don't really know how. This photo is terrible but I had to include it because it is my favorite part of the day. That is me, Jill, and Bill sitting in a hot tub, warm and cozy but outside in the snow! See the snow on the rails and pavement? 

The hot tub at this place is huge and there is a little doorway in the hot tub with a flap that you can go through and then you're outside in more of the hot tub. I cannot even tell you how amazing it was to be sitting in the hot tub with the kideos and there are huge, huge snowflakes falling down on us like crazy, and snow all around us!

The drive home. What a fun, fun experience!


  1. Hi Tanya! Just stopped by to say hello. Looks like you had a fabulous time swimming. How long does the snowy season last? Will you have a white Christmas? Here, we are enjoying mild weather and hoping it doesn't get too hot before Christmas. God bless.

  2. Hi Sue! So good to hear from you! We did have a great time swimming! The now season starts at the very beginning of December, in fact our first snow this year was exact on December 1. It will last through February. I don't recall if we've ever had snow in March. But is still extremely cold in March. We have had snow on the ground for a straight week now, and two nights ago the temperature got down to 6 degrees! So I am definitely thinking we will have a white Christmas!

    Thanks for stopping by & God Bless!