Friday, September 3, 2010

Snickerdoodles: The Cat and The Cookie

This is Snickerdoodles, our kitten. Yes, she is on the counter next to a bowl in which I happen to be making snickerdoodle cookies. She is a very curious kitten, so when she heard me busy mixing, she jumped up to see if I was doing something she may be interested in. I thought it was funny: Snickerdoodles next to snickerdoodles, so I grabbed the camera. Oh, but it got even better!

"So whatcha makin' in there?"

"Eeew. I am not pleased."

"Oh well. Maybe no big deal."

"No, wait. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Choo!"

"Must. Get. Flour. Off. Face."

"All right. I think I'm okay."

I love the shenanigans of cats! Makes it so fun to own them.

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