Friday, November 12, 2010

Bill's Christian Lessons: Making Prayer Cubes

For this lesson we discussed how God is our creator, He watches over all His creation, He is everywhere, and He is all good. We rediscussed how God wants us to talk to Him and be friends with Him and share our lives/selves with Him in prayer.

2. We played the Dogma Dogs song, "Love the Lord".

3. We made a prayer cube to assist Little Bill in learning what to say in prayer. I printed the prayer cube from Little Blots. (Click and scroll down to the Psalm 23 Prayer Box). Little Blots is a great place to find lots of Bible crafts. Since we are not currently working on Psalm 23, I thought of another way to use the prayer box. So I printed it out onto plain printer paper, cut out around it, then traced the outline onto card stock. It is easy to then draw in the lines still needed to make the sides of the cube. I cut out the picture of the little boy and the title of the cube, and pasted these into the cardstock cube. On the remaining three sides, I wrote: Thank you God for . . . , Please, Lord, help . . . , and I'm sorry God for . . . So the prayer cube reminds Little Bill to say prayers of thanks, prayers of supplication, and prayers of repentance. We used the cube to pray today, then we put it on the table by Little Bill's bed to use for nightly and morning prayers.


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