Friday, November 12, 2010

First Grade Fun: Great Art Lesson Resource

I forgot how I came across this, but I found a fabulous website with daily art projects for kids. These aren't just froo-froo art projects; they are created by a woman with a BFA from Minneapolis College of Arts & Design. So the projects really teach different art skills and many are based on a particular artist, time period, or style.

If that all sounds intimidating, its not! The projects are such that you could work on them with children as young as first grade, and they are interesting enough that an older child could really get into doing them on his/her own.

The site is a blog, so you can find a new project each day for free, then there are practice sheets and other projects that you can purchase. If it sounds like I am advertising the site, I am not! I found it myself and have no association with it in any way. I am just so happy to have found art projects with substance. {Also if you follow this blog for any amount of time you will find that I am naturally a ridiculously exuberant person.} 

Check out the site at Art Project for Kids.

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