Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lesson from Pooh

Pooh likes to be a very useful bear. For some reason this came to mind as I was thinking about blog post topics. I have a separate family blog for distant family and friends to see photos and see what we are up to. I really created this blog, So Happy Together, to share homeschool ideas and activities. I have ventured away into writing about our family and various topics that I feel like writing about. But I don't want an online journal here; I want to be a very useful blog!

I started the blog to be about homeschooling children of different ages together and was full of grand ideas for post topics and activities to share. But I soon found it difficult to maintain such a blog. It just wasn't for me. This blog is extremely young and I suppose it takes time to find one's voice, style, and even topics. What I do know is that I want to provide value, not just another story.

When I was homeschooling little ones, I always wondered why all of the blogs, magazines and other resources for homeschoolers, and even just parents in general, were only about young kids. Now that I have two older kids, we are too involved in our homeschooling ventures to really photograph and document what we do. That sounds odd, but there's also the fact that as homeschooling kids get older, what they are studying in any given year varies more widely from family to family. So I suppose sharing is a bit trickier. I would love to eventually share ideas and activities and topics for the older set, since it's harder to come by. But for now I have to start with what I have to offer easily and in spades, so I can become a very useful blog

So for the rest of this year anyway, this involves just two things (in addition to my regular variety of posts):

1. My holiday calendar with family activities, easy meals and holiday dinners, cooking with the kids, and getting things done in a peaceful, non-overwhelming way - 45 Days of Faith, Family & Fun.

2. Hands-on learning activities, ideas, and printables for early elementary - First Grade Fun, and Christian lessons for young ones - Bill's Christian Lessons.

Look for these categories now and for the rest of this year. I see that I have a few regulars and followers already and that amazes me since this blog is so young. Thanks for visiting and for sticking around! You have no idea how you brighten my day when I see that you've stopped by!

God Bless,

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