Friday, February 25, 2011

Lagniappe Links: The Birthday Edition

Jill turned 12 this week! Last night I took her and two of her friends to the mall. We grabbed a bite to eat, shopped at all the girlie stores, the girls jumped on the moon bounce, and then we went into a department store and the girls had their own fashion show in the dressing room with all of the Easter dresses. They had a blast and I have the cutest photos! Look at my girl - she is all arms and legs! But don't be deceived. I was too when I was her age. Everyone always said, "Wow that Tanya is going to be 6 feet tall!" ROTFL! Now? I am 5'2! And a half. If I stand as straight as I can. So we'll see.

Anyhoo, Jill is going to have a "frog"party, and we have spent weeks browsing the web for ideas. There are some a-maz-ing party idea sites out there, I tell ya! So I am going to share some in this week's lagniappe links. 

By the way, I am a new Orleans girl so in case ya don't know, "lagniappe" just means "a little something extra"!

How ingenius is this? Birthday cake batter chocolate bark!  This comes from the blog, How Sweet It Is, where the amazing Jessica shares all things yum yet manages to stay in shape. No fair! Check it out, and find things like: macaroon-crusted tilapia, maple bacon brown sugar scones, pizza stuffed baked potatoes (did I mention she's a genius?), caramelized honey mustard chicken, baked potato nachos, . . . shoot! I can't stop listing more yummy concoctions she has on her blog.

Party Frosting, which used to be Frost Me, is a party idea blog with themed party ideas as well as lots of general party ideas. There is a "Shopping Saturday" feature which is a list of party-ish things you can find on sale at your local big stores. I love this site not only for the party ideas, but because a lot of the general ideas are just fun to do/make for anytime with the kideos!

Spend any amount of time over at Sugar Swings! and you will find lots of ideas for birthday goodies! And no, I do not have a sugar problem. Really. Why do you ask? How pretty are these chocolate marbled hearts cupcake toppers?

Hostess With the Mostess is a fabulous blog started by Jennifer and Sonny. It features lots of amazing parties from around the web. When I say amazing, I mean professional parties that make all of the guests say, "Wowza!" Take, for example, this Robot Party find (from The Couture Cakery), complete with free printables. LOVE the jello shots!

Finally, One Charming Party is a blog started by Sara and Brittany. Its got great party ideas, tutorials, and even free printables. Look at this simple but so cute cake for a dinosaur party. There's a whole awesome party to go with it as well.

Have a super weekend!

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