Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yet Another Reason to Homeschool

We have been homeschooling for about 12 years now, so I am firm in my reasons to do so. Those reasons have matured as well. Yet I never cease to be shocked when I hear of the latest goings-on in my local public school system. The latest? A presentation given by Planned Parenthood, and without permission from the parents.

In case you are unaware, Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in America, and is subsidized by our government. That's right, a full 363 million dollars of our tax money went directly to them in one year to provide abortions. They fight for abortion rights, birth control for kids of any age, and the right of a child to have an abortion without parental consent. During the presentation at the local school, they gave out their website address for teens, which contains graphic content, links to even stronger graphic content, and promotion for kids to have "outercourse" - basically everything sexual besides actual penetration. So this group was allowed to give a presentation in our local public school, without parents' prior knowledge - this group that promotes sexual promiscuity and activity, abortions, and usurping of parental rights over their children. To be fair, I have no idea what was said in the presentation, other than that the teen website was given out. But regardless, wow.

I would like to encourage two things: One, say a prayer that you have the ambition and ability to teach your children at home where they can be taught values and where you know what is going on. Two, be active in your local school system. Our school board has a meeting in March and you can bet that I will be there, fighting for the kids. No my kids aren't in the school system. But other parents' kids are. Parents who don't know to homeschool, who can't homeschool, or feel that public schooling is right for their family. The kids that these schools are turning out is our next generation of adults. They may not be our kids, but we are responsible for the next generation and only people who care enough to show up and fight for our kids and our nation's future can make a difference!

I usually don't do political rants or calls to action, but wow. I am blown away. I have experienced kids in my life being bullied at school by students as well as teachers, being taught how to use a condom at 12 years old, being offered drugs in middle school, and seeing a gun in an angry student's backpack, but I have to say that this one just takes the cake.


God bless us all,

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