Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge 2

Today's challenge is to read Genesis 6-11 (yesterday we started the challenge with Genesis 1-5). 

Notes from the audio:
(We'll listen to the audio tomorrow)

In today's Scripture we're going to see the unfolding of two lines of people. The purpose of this Bible-reading plan is to get a chronological overview of salvation history, so starting here in Genesis we see the beginnings of our redemption. When Adam & Eve disobeyed God and were caught, a promise was made that one day the offspring of the woman shall overcome the serpent.

In chapter 4, we find descendants of Cain, and descendants of Seth The Cain line of people is arrogant and prideful. The Seth line seeks after God. The promise of God is contained in the Seth line. In chapter 5 we have a long geneology. Most people skip over geneologies - they are boring and long and the names are difficult to pronounce. But the author has a purpose for writing down the geneology. We are watching God's promise of redemption follow along a line of people.

In chapter 6, Scott & Jeff pose that the mentioned "daughters of men" is the Cain line, while the "sons of God" is the Seth line. They mix and this leads to corruption, and we end up with the flood. But the promise continues down the Seth line with Noah.

In chapter 10, we have the table of nations - another geneology. The promise travels the Seth line from Seth to Noah to Shem. In chapter 11 we end this week with the tower of Babel, and another geneology showing the promise going from Shem to Terah (father of Abram) to Abram. The rest of Genesis will be focused on Abram (Abraham).

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