Friday, March 11, 2011

Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge 3

So this week we've read Genesis 1-5 and 6-11. We end this week's challenge with the first installment of the radio program that we are following by Scotty Hahn and Jeff Cavins.

To get to this week's program:

Click Libraries: Documents & Audio near the top of the page.
Choose Audio Library near the top of the page.
Choose "Click here for an index of the audio library".
Go to page 5 (links for pages are at the bottom).
Find "Our Father's Plan" and click on it.
Now you may want to bookmark that page for next time.

Today we're listening to "History of Early World". This audio goes with the first 11 chapters of Genesis that we have read this week. You're going to find some incredible insights! 

The program is almost an hour so set aside some quiet time. You have all weekend to listen to it though. You could also put it onto your mp3 player and listen while you go for a walk, do dishes & laundry, etc.

Have a great weekend everyone, and God bless!

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