Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge 5

We are on day 5 of our Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge, so if you are new here, join in!
Last week we read Genesis 1-5, and 6-11, and we listened to the audio program that is taking us on a chronological overview of salvation history through the Bible. 
We read about 5 chapters per day (weekdays only), with audio thrown in here and there. After we complete the audio program, we will go back and fill in with the rest of the Bible - reading the complete Bible in one year.

I am having computer problems right now, but am out with my computer trying to get this week up:

Monday we read Genesis 12-17
Tuesday (today) Genesis 18-22
Wednesday Genesis 23-27
Thursday Genesis 28-32
Friday Genesis 33-36
We do not have audio this week.

So today's challenge is to read Genesis chapters 18-22.

Remember you can get daily reminders & notes along the journey through Facebook or Twitter!

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