Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hands-on Stations of the Cross for Kids

aka "something for your little ones to do so you can do the stations with your family."

A friend of mine just gave me this wonderful idea for how to make the stations of the cross hands-on for little ones. It gives them something to do and allows them to go through the stations in a concrete way.

You simply fill a small box, wrapped in purple, with one symbolic item to go with each station. As you go through the stations the child can find the corresponding item. Of course explain it all first.

1st station: rope (Jesus condemned to death)
2nd station: small wooden cross
3rd station: band aid (Jesus falls 1st time)
4th station: plastic rosary (Jesus meets Mary)
5th station: saint card of Simon helping Jesus (I print these)
6th station: small piece of fabric w/ iron on image of Jesus' face
7th station: band aid (falls 2nd time)
8th station: kleenex tissue (women crying)
9th station: band aid (falls 3rd time)
10th station: small piece of purple felt (clothes stripped)
11th station: VERY large galvanized nail about 6 inches long (Home depot for $.20)
12th station: crucufix (Catholic store, plastic about $.50)
13th station: holy card of Michaelangelo' s Pieta
14th station: stone (big one from backyard or park)


  1. We tried to do it with tea candles. Not the best idea with kids 4, 2 and 9 months old. lol

    I like this idea a whole lot better!

  2. Wow, you are brave! Ha ha! Glad you liked the idea. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad that it gave me a chance to find your blog. It is so peaceful and beautiful! Can't wait to see what else is in store. I love your idea for your 60-day photo journey. Can others join in?