Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Spruce Up in the Kitchen: Decluttering

Having a simple, non-cluttered kitchen is inviting and makes you feel good to be in there. It also makes it easier to find things, use things, and prepare meals!

When we first moved into this house and found out that it had no food pantry and only 10 cabinets in which to store everything, including food, we bought this black wire shelving unit to keep things on. Its what I saw in neighbors' homes who have similar kitchen predicaments.

At first I was so happy to have a place to store things that I thought it was great. But after the months started going by, I felt more and more cluttered with being able to see all of that "stuff". I was determined to make it all go away somehow.

First, I took an honest look at how often I use things that I keep in easy reach. For example, I have a big bulky bread maker that I used to keep out because I "really should make bread more often". But I never did! So I stored that sucker high in the top of one of my larger cabinets. So I did an inventory and stored what I could out of the way and behind cabinet doors.

Second, I rearranged the way that I store food so that I didn't need the shelving unit for food storage.

Third, I truly did need some type of extra storage, so I gave up the armoire that I used for a television in my bedroom (which I don't really need), to use in the kitchen. Its the perfect microwave stand and I use the upper shelf for my cookbooks. In the bottom cabinets, I have some appliances that had no where else to go, as well as a bucket filled with handy items such as: aluminum foil, ziplock bags, and packs of light bulbs.

The armoire is in the same corner where the shelving unit was - what a difference!

Armoires, china cabinets, and hutches are great for extra storage in the kitchen. I used to think that these pieces of furniture were just too bulky for a kitchen, especially a small one. But giving up a little space to a beautiful piece of furniture rather than having clutter everywhere is a great trade-off! (And yes, that shelving unit took up a huge amount of space anyway!)

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  1. Shelving units are WONDERFUL, aren't they!?!

  2. Hi! I just came to your blog through a link on raising arrows. I love your red wall and am just about to paint my kitchen. Can you tell me what color it is?

  3. Oh, it's so much nicer with the smaller shelf! I like how you really thought through things instead of leaving as is- and your end result shows how it's worth it.

  4. Corrie, unfortunately I do not know the color anymore. Sorry!

  5. It looks so nice! And I totally struggle with the wouldn't-a-shelf-be-great problem. I'm currently rearranging shelves today!