Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Idea for Halfway Through Lent

This idea comes from Sheila Kearney at Catechist Magazine.

About halfway through Lent is a good time to gather your children and discuss how everyone is doing with their Lenten sacrifices/good works. Make a tomb out of construction paper and hang it on the wall. Have each family member cut out a construction paper stone and write down a reason why we struggle with keeping our Lenten promises - selfishness, laziness, greed, etc. Tape the stones over the opening to the tomb.

Then as we get even closer to Easter, gather everyone again. This time have everyone cut out construction paper flowers. Discuss what Jesus dying for us means and eternal life. Have everyone label their flower with something Jesus brings - mercy, compassion, life, joy. Save these.

Before Easter morning, remove the stones covering the tomb opening and "plant" the flowers there in their place!

Catechist Magazine is a fabulous resource for ideas for raising and homeschooling Catholic children!

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