Friday, April 22, 2011

Lagniappe Tidbits

Oh yeah, baby - seafood boil over at the cousin's house last weekend! Boiled crawfish, crabs, sausage and veggies. Then the next day all the leftovers went into a big pot of gumbo. Good eatin' yall!

So here's something interesting about Louisiana - its very Catholic. So Catholic customs and traditions are prevalent even among non-Catholics. For example, this time of year you see gobs of commercials for all of the Lenten special menus (meatless) that restaurants have created. I even saw a mention of Lent on a Taco Bell sign! You drive through a neighborhood and you'll see lots of yards with a Mary or St. Francis statue in the garden. On All Saints Day the cemetaries are full of people visiting the graves and adding new flowers. I never realized how unique (and wonderful!) this all was until I moved away after 29 years of living in Louisiana.

Due to the trip, not a lot got posted this week, but here are a few tidbits:

No Catholic Bible-reading challenges this week due to Holy Week. I'll be meditating on the stations and reading from the Sacred Liturgy instead.

You can read some snippets about our trip to our home, New Orleans, on the other site.

I put up a video I took from out streetcar ride down St. Charles Avenue on the Home & Garden section of the other site. St. Charles is a gorgeous street to ride down, filled with huge oak trees, mansions of architectural delights, and beautiful landscaping.

Confederate jasmine was growing all over New Orleans! It is so beautiful and smells incredible. As soon as I got back I started researching this plant, because I want some in my yard pronto! You can read all about it in the gardening section of the other site.

If you missed it, I have a new article up this month on The Homeschool Classroom. It is about creative book-reporting activites, so check it out!

That's about it! Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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