Monday, August 30, 2010

When Homeschooling Plans Go Awry

Photo: Flickr/ Sunshinecity (Creative Commons)

We started our new homeschooling year two weeks ago now. We did great for a few days, then one by one started getting sick. I thought it was just a bad head cold and we would just miss a day or two of school. It's two weeks later and we have been hit hard. I think maybe it was even a little flu. Severe coughing, body aches, extreme fatigue. So we started school two weeks ago, did a few days, and haven't had a full homeschool day since.

This kind of thing can be very frustrating. When we have well-laid plans and this kind of thing happens, we can feel like we'll be thrown off for the rest of the year. Or at least like we have to quickly and desperately "catch up". 

I found an article about this very thing that made me feel a bit better, and I want to share it with you. Because we've all been there, and we all will at some point this year as well. Maybe not for as long as my broken plans have lasted. Probably not as long as the article author (six weeks so far!). But plans get broken. And it can be so disconcerting. So check out this fantastic article at Simple Homeschool.

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