Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Cheer: Day 16

BLACK FRIDAY! Are you braving this day of shopping & savings? We are! I just happen to have an unnaturally high tolerance for chaos, and I actually enjoy going into the fray on this day. Whether you shop today for all of the savings, or sometime over the next few days, here is what we'll need to start the month of December:

  • wrapping supplies (wrapping paper, bags & tissue paper, tape, scissors, gift tags, etc.)
  • gifts for out-of-town friends & relatives so we can mail them soon
  • Christmas cards
  • kids' jammies & tree ornaments for special St. Nick day gifts

While I'm out, I'll also be getting a few things we'll need for the weekend's activities:

  • supplies for our Advent wreath
  • Advent calendars (Cracker Barrel has advent calendars with a chocolate behind each door, and the scene printed on the front is actually a nativity scene! I think they are $5 or $6. If you're there anyway, pick up some of the cardboard glasses they sell for looking at Christmas light! They are $2 and when you look at lights through them, they become magical!)

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