Friday, November 26, 2010

Preparing for the New Liturgical Year

On this Sunday, November 28, we Catholics start a new liturgical year and enter into the season of Advent. We begin Year A in the liturgical cycle.

Advent & Christmas - The gospels we will hear in this year are mostly from Matthew. Through advent we will hear about the coming of Jesus at the end of time, the ministry of John the Baptist, and Joseph's dream about Mary. During the Christmas season we will hear about the flight into Egypt and the visit of the Magi. We will also hear the gospel about Jesus' baptism.

Ordinary Time - After Christmas season we will hear about Jesus calling his apostles to follow him, the Beatitudes, and Jesus' teachings about the Kingdom of God.

Lent - During Lent we will hear about Jesus' temptation in the desert, the Transfiguration, Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus' healing of a blind man, Jesus' bringing Lazarus back to life, and the Passion.

Easter - During the Easter season we will hear about Jesus' post-resurrection appearances, his teaching about his love being like that of a good shepherd, his promise to prepare a place for us in Heaven and to send an Advocate, his prayer for his disciples, and his ascension. On Pentecost we hear of Jesus appearing to Mary and his apostles in the upper room.

Ordinary Time - the remainder of Year A will then be spent in ordinary time. During these weeks and months, we will hear about Jesus' many teaching and parables, his miracles and healing ministry, and the instructions he gives his followers about discipleship.

Representing the new liturgical year in our home -

You can print this liturgical wheel to hang up and turn with the kids from Sunday School Kids.

You can get this laminated poster of the new liturgical year for $15 at Aquinas & More.

This fun, kid-friendly poster of the new liturgical year can be printed for free at Creative Catechist.

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