Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I am so happy to have found the St. Nicholas brunch idea at Shower of Roses. Thank you, Jessica! I did a simplified version since I have been sick. I made hash browns with edamame, bacon, and the candy cane sweet bread. But I cheated on the bread:

So I unrolled the sweet rolls from a can and lined up the strips that they made, divided them into two sets, then braided each set, stuck the sets together and formed a candy cane shape! 

When I was growing up, the three of us kids each had our own Santa Claus mug. We would get so excited every year when my mom unpacked them and we had our first hot cocoa of the season in them. After that they were washed and used for decoration on the kitchen windowsill except when we had cocoa again on special occasions. 

When I saw these in the store recently, I remembered and just had to get some for my own little ones. What a perfect day to bring them out and have our first hot cocoa of the season, St. Nicholas Day! And what a perfect day, because the snow has been coming down in gusts outside.

I forgot to curl the pipe cleaner more at the top, but here is the St. Nicholas chocolates that I did and gave to the kids, thanks to the St. Nicholas Center suggestions.

For gifts, our tradition is to give the kids two gifts, new jammies (which happen to make for nice Christmas morning photos) and a special ornament for each child.

We read about Nicholas after the festivities settled down a bit.

Tonight we will watch the Veggie Tales St. Nick movie, which I believe is currently available as a watch-instantly at Netflix.

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