Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Cheer: Day 34

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Jill's cousins decorated her to be a Christmas tree!

Advent Activities:

- Watch Holy Heroes Advent Adventures videos.

- Light two purple candles and one pink candle on the Advent wreath & read today's liturgy.

- Make and hang today's Jesse tree ornament, a tent for King Hezekiah whose faithfulness in God saved his people and destroyed their enemies, leaving their tents empty on the battlefield. 2 Kings 18:1-18, 19:32-27

- Say a decade of the rosary together.

- Open another door on our Advent calendars.

Getting things done:

Today I am going to the grocery to stock up on all of the ingredients I'll need for Christmas. I am so grateful to have relatives right across the street so I can go shopping without dragging three kids along! I found kits for making gingerbread houses and they were only $9, but to get one for each of the kids would be a bit much. So I bought ingredients to make our own house pieces and different candies to decorate with: baby M&M's, holiday colored gumballs, peppermint sticks for posts, gingerbread marshmallow men, gingerbread family cookies, coconut for grass or snow, tiny chocolate santas to put on the roof, and gumdrops. I really wanted to get a box of those chocolate rocks that look sooo real, to make a walkway, but wow they are expensive. I contemplated for a while, then decided we could do without a walkway!

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