Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Food Websites That Will Have You and Your Kids Running to the Kitchen

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I love food and I love kids. Put the two together, and I love to find ways to make food really fun for my three kideos. I often run across cute ideas while surfing around the web. I clip the ideas and save them in Evernote. But I also have a few fun food websites that I regularly visit. I certainly don't make sandwiches into little Asian girls and pancakes into flowers every day. But when I feel like perking up the kids, surprising them, or doing something fun in the kitchen with my creative daughter, these sites never fail to give me plenty of ideas.

1. Bentolicious

I like to make simple, healthy meals for lunch and this site gives me good ideas. I find different ways to make fruits and veggies look appetizing to my kideos and if I'm really feeling ambitious I will use all of the ideas, including the colored rice and food made into people or animals. There are also accessories shown that help make food inviting. For example, the most recent post shows all kinds of sandwich cutters. I hate to admit it, but we have brought those circle PB & J sandwiches you can buy in the grocery freezer section with us when we have been out for the day (like to the zoo). The kids love them and they are easy and non-messy. The sandwich cutters on the recent post at Bentolicious show how to make those at home!

2. Edible Crafts @ Craft Gossip

 Photo: Flickr/CreativeCupcake

Edible Crafts is a blog with daily posts featuring creative food from around the web. I absolutely love this website. The most creative and unique food ideas are featured. There are daily ideas from which you can make surprises for your kids, or bring them into the kitchen with you for some family fun.

3. Gourmet Mom on the Go

Gourmet Mom on the Go is the home of the famous edible crayons. The site is filled with ideas to make food fun, as well as delicious dinners, themed foods, and snacks to go with your school lessons, such as "G is for Giraffe Cupcakes" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Snack".

4. Little Nummies for Little Tummies

Little Nummies features foods made playful and inviting for little ones. Look for lambs, whales, people, and more made from food!

5. Jim's Pancakes

This website was created by a father who started trying to make fun pancakes for his daughter. The pancakes he comes up with and makes are incredible, and are a must-see, even if just for fun. I enjoy seeing what Jim comes up with next, and I do try the simpler ideas on some weekends for my family.

Do you know of any great food websites? What are your favorites?

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