Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gardening: Flowers for the House

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I wish I had taken a photo of the "jungle"! Ha ha!

My sister planted a flower garden last summer. I use the term "garden" very loosely here. =) She did make a garden bed outline, but then she took packets of flower seeds and sprinkled them everywhere!

Fast-forward about a month and she was calling me every day begging me to come chop down her 4-foot tall flower jungle! When I finally went over there and saw the gorgeous, colorful flowers, I told her I would do it if I could keep some flowers. So for a while I had huge, beautiful flowers in glass vases all over my house. I loved it!

So this year I am going to plant (not sprinkle!) a flower garden for the express purpose of growing flowers for cutting and putting in the house. Flowers for this require tall, thick, strong stems.

Luckily, there are lots of beautiful options:

- Zinnias & Asters (This is what my sister grew, and they come in gobs of beautiful colors.)

- Coneflowers (This is where echinacea comes from! I have been growing pink ones for a few years now, but I think they come in a couple of other colors as well.)

- Snapdragons

- Mini sunflowers

- Stock

- Dahlias

- Larkspur

- and of course, Roses (The now-popular "knock-out roses" are easy to grow, grow fast and make lots of flowers, and are not prone to disease and bugs like regular roses!)

The following are pretty and delicate looking, perfect for filling in between the larger cut flowers to make a nice bouquet:

- Black Knight

- Tall Blue Planet (Bonus: attracts butterflies & hummingbirds)

- Butterfly bush (Bonus: attracts butterflies & hummingbirds)

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