Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Baby Girl

{Me and my baby girl soaking up the sun & listening to tunes together}

My baby girl, my only daughter, is turning 12 this week. I have always thought that she is the perfect girl. She has always loved wearing dresses, playing in make-up, and she loved playing with dollies when she was little. Then she's been just as happy observing bugs, catching frogs and lizards, and climbing trees. 

I have so often exasperated, "Oh, my little princess!" as she makes bodily noises loudly and laughs hysterically. She loves to take photos like the following (that would be the cat's butt):

A friend used to call her "Princess Hiney Butt", which is perfect since she has a princess side to her but she also has a "hiney butt" side to her. It makes me think of Shrek - my daughter is like an onion; she has layers.

Alas, to my delight, no matter how much of her crude side she may show in a day, she ends every day by putting on her girlie pajamas and lovingly snuggling up to her momma. How I love my girl!

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