Friday, February 18, 2011

A Secret for Catholic Readers

I have a secret. A happy one. Not too long ago I found a plan at one of my fave homeschool blogs, for reading the Bible as a family in three months. Yes, the entire Bible. In three months. As a family. Okay, sorry, I just can't imagine all three of those combined. But go for it sister! Anyhoo . . . 

There are 73 books of the Catholic Bible and 66 of the Protestant. Also the way Catholics and Protestants approach the Bible are totally different. But the blog is creating a whole challenge/ community thing around it, which I think is so great. So I immediately thought of doing a Catholic, and extended!, version.

So I have been spending time with Our Father's Plan (a Bible study plan with Scott Hahn & Jeff Cavins on EWTN), the New Jerome Biblical Commentary*, and my Bible. I've had lots of cool little "a-ha!" moments so far, and I am excited to continue. And to start a Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge!

* The New Jerome Bible Commentary is a hefty, hefty book. It was given to me by my parents for my Confirmation. My RCIA class referred to it again and again, so my mother heard me talking about it a lot. Then the sweet gal bought it for me. Basically, the book explains the Bible line by line! It is incredibly interesting and obviously insightful. I am fascinated. Its been a bit overwhelming just trying to read it on my own though, but reading it alongside listening to the Our Father's Plan mp3's cuts it into purposeful, bite-sized pieces so I have been enjoying it very much.

So I would like to introduce you to . . .

Please get ready to join in the challenge! It's for adults, but if you want to make it a family thing and join your kids in, do so! This is a six-month challenge, not three! Trying to make it a little more realistic on the plates of very busy homeschool mamas. The schedule and plan will be announced in March. For now, please make some time in your day for Bible reading, if you don't already have it. And commit to it! The challenge starts for Lent, perfect for making more time in your day for the Lord.

If you plan to participate, please grab a badge and also let your friends know! Invite others, spread the word. Ha ha! Spread the Word.



  1. My husband converted 2 yrs ago to Catholicism from the Baptist faith. Saying that Catholics had more books in the Bible was always my go to jab. Should I have let up on the jabbing? Uh...probably so. He would have converted a lot sooner. LOL But seriously, I need to be more into the bible. I think I may try this.

    Thanks for stopping by the other day! Can't wait to read more.

  2. Oh this so made me smile. How funny!

    I am really excited about this challenge. I have been learning so much. And doing it within an online community should make it fun and more likely to get done hopefully!

    Thanks Mandy!