Monday, April 25, 2011

Catholic Bible-Reading Challenge

We did not do any of the Bible-reading challenge last week for Holy Week. So welcome to a new week of the challenge!

We are still in Exodus, and do not have another audio until we finish the entire book of Exodus. So here are this week's readings:

Monday (today): Exodus 38-40
Tuesday: audio

Remember that right now we are following the Father's Plan reading plan with audio by Scotty Hahn and Jeff Cavins at EWTN. So we will be skipping around a bit. After we finish that reading plan, we will go back and fill in with everything else.

Wednesday: Numbers 1-4
Thursday: Numbers 5-10
Friday: Numbers 11-15

If you are just joining us, or still need to listen to previous audios, click here to get caught up

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