Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar Activity

Advent Calendar

There is a fabulous website, called Reflections of Light, that is filled with Advent activities. But the site is in Spanish! I contacted the owner and am very happy to say that I was granted permission to translate some activities and offer them to you here.

So if you speak Spanish, then visit and enjoy the site. Otherwise, here is the first activity, which is a great Advent calendar. Its not too late, just do a few days at once to get started! The tree has a snippet from the story of Jesus in each square and each day you glue the matching picture onto it!

I miss one big thing about Typepad: they let you upload your files into your acct. So I could just give you a direct link to my file and viola - it's yours. But not here. So I have put the file into Scribd.

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