Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Cheer: Days 24 through 26

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My three kideos a previous winter. Little Bill could only reach the girl one. 
Jill thinks its hilarious now. That girl loves to tease that little boy!

How was everyone's weekend? I was on the mend but still sick so we skipped the tour of homes (try again next year!), and postponed the kids' cookie-decorating party to next weekend. We did go do the movie night with my brother & niece though. That was fun. My brother made a really tasty casserole that I will share with you. Last day of missing my 7 a.m. posting, I promise! Onto Advent . . . 

Advent Activities:

- Watch the Holy Heroes Advent Adventure videos.

- Light two purple candles on the Advent wreath and read today's liturgy.

- Make & hang today's Jesse tree ornament, the burning bush, reminding us of Moses and God appearing to him and telling him that he will lead His people out of Egypt. Exodus 2:1 - 4:20 Check out what Catholic Cuisine did for snack for the burning bush! So great!

(Saturday's ornament was Jacob's ladder, symbolizing the reuniting of Heaven and Earth. Genesis 27:41 - 28:22 At Catholic Cuisine they used pretzel sticks to make ladders for snack.)

(Sunday's ornament was a sack of grain for Joseph, son of Jacob., who is cast out by his brothers. Joseph  has faith in God's providence and so has enough to food to feed all the hungry with immeasurable grain. Genesis chapters 31 to 50.)

- Say a rosary decade.

- Open another door in our Advent calendars.

Getting things done: 

- We did not get our Christmas tree over the weekend, between me being sick and it snowing!!! We also didn't make our video, so we will do that this evening. I am going to make a video to send to my grandmother and other relatives who are 600 miles away. The kids will talk about the last year, sing a few carols, stuff like that. We'll mail it tomorrow instead of today.

- Happy St. Nick day! I'll post separately for that!

Food: So my brother tried this chicken broccoli casserole at the cafe' in his office building and loved it so much that he asked how it was made. They didn't give him a recipe but they did tell him what was in it, and we just kind of played around with the ingredients and tasting our creation until we liked the proportions. Here it is: A can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of cream of chicken soup, some mayo, and some Ranch for the sauce to mix in with steamed broccoli and cubes of cooked chicken (we pan-fried it). Then bread crumbs mixed with Ritz crackers for the topping. Yum!

God Bless,

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