Friday, December 3, 2010

Upcoming Holy Days and Activities

Not sure what this St. Nicholas is made of, but it looks edible!
Found at Flickr/ Nacaseven

December 6 - St Nicholas Day

We will celebrate St Nicholas Day by decorating our Christmas tree, hanging our stockings, and watching the CCC Nicholas movie and the Veggie Tales St Nick movie. The kids receive a handful of presents on St Nicholas Day - always new jammies (for nice Christmas morning photos!) and a special ornament for each, which will one day be their own collection when they move out.

This year we will add doing a Nicholas Day brunch, an idea that I just love that came from Jessica at Shower of Roses.

The children will also receive chocolate Saint Nicholas this year, thanks to the great tutorial on how to make Santa chocolates into St Nick chocolates at the St Nicholas Center! Also from the St Nicholas Center, I'll be printing out these St. Nicholas holy cards to go with the kids' gifts.

December 8 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Find lots of ideas at Catholic Culture.

Lacy made a wonderful coloring page for this over at Catholic Icing. There are a few other ideas there as well.

I have been wanting a Mary garden statue forever, but they are sooooo expensive! I actually found a good-sized one on clearance at Home Depot, of all places, for just $12! I also got a St. Francis one at the same time, for the same price! Well the "garden" I want to put it in is a shrub and a tree in the yard right now, so the statue is temporarily in the house. I think for this day we will finally put the garden together (weed sheet, liner, and dirt) and put Mary in her permanent location.

December 9 & 12 - St Juan Diego & Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our church is actually having quite a celebration this day, with a procession, mass with a mariachi band, and a party afterwards, so we will attend.

December 13 - St Lucy

My daughter's patron saint is Lucy, so we make a big deal of this day! Here are some photos from previous year:

We had a nice family dinner.

Made star and "L" cookies.

The kids decorated the cookies.

My own Lucy dressed up, we put a wreath of candles on her head, and walked around the house!

Click here for a list of December holy days. Find lots of great activity ideas for these holy days at: Faith-filled Days, Familia Catolica, Catholic Icing, Shower of Roses, and Motherly Loving.

Further holy days for December will be in another post!

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