Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Cheer: Day 21

There is a hotel near us that decorates like crazy for Christmas, so much so that 
visitors & locals go tour the hotel! Here is the 2-story holiday clock in the lobby. 
On the hour, the elves come out and dance and the bells on the side ring to play a holiday song!

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Advent Activities:

- Watch the Holy Heroes Advent Adventure movies.

- Light the Advent wreath's first purple candle and read today's liturgy.

- Make and hang today's Jesse tree ornament, Noah's ark or rainbow. Today's ornament reminds us that God was displeased with people but He also made a covenant with us of forgiveness and mercy. Genesis 6:11-22, 7:1 - 8:22, 9:12-17  The snack we will have with it is animal crackers. Catholic Cuisine also suggests gummy rainbows and hard-boiled egg halves for boats.

- Say a rosary decade.

- Eat a chocolate from our Advent calendar.

Getting things done: Today we mail out Christmas cards, as well as pack & mail distant friends & relatives gifts.

Food: Dinner is Meatloaf Burgers from one of my fave food blogs ever, Framed.

God Bless!


  1. Hey, Tonya --

    What hotel is the picture from? I think we live near you? We live in Clinton.

  2. Hi, Kim! Yep, you do live close - the hotel is The Christmas Place in Sevierville (or is it Pigeon Forge at that point?). We had a great time looking around, and then there are shops that I think go with it, which are across the street and are just mesmerizing with all of the beautiful decor!
    Are you a homeschooler as well?

  3. Okay -- I know exactly where you're talking about. We've never been there since they added the hotel, so I'll have to remember that.

    Yes, we homeschool. Our daughter was in public school kindergarten last year, but I'm homeschooling her and my son (now in kindergarten) this year.

    Thanks for the info!