Friday, December 17, 2010

Lagniappe Links: Christmas and Homeschool Edition

{I'm a New Orleans girl and if ya don't know, "lagniappe" just means a little something extra!}

Our homeschool load is pretty light this month as we celebrate the Advent season. But we're doing lots of fun activities, many of them educational. Here are some links for Christmas and homeschooling . . .

You can find a whole set of Christmas-themed educational printables over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. My youngest is in first grade so these activities seem to be a little young for him on the surface. But! A little tweaking in how they're used makes them perfect for us! 

For example, the above floor mats are made for number ID, but I can call out math problems to Little Bill and he can jump to the mat that has the answer on it!

The Best Colleges has a write-up about the world's 15 most extraordinary homeschoolers. I was impressed that many were unschooled.

Oddly enough, the Yamaha website has a large section on paper craft projects you can download and create. Under Christmas you'll find these reindeer and their sled, and a 3-D Christmas card.

Flickr/ eyeliam

Make your own Christmas-scented playdough with the recipe at Natural Parenting Tips.

Print these alphabet tree mats for educational holiday fun. The link was provided by The Activity Mom, and you can find the activity here.

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