Friday, December 3, 2010

Lagniappe Links

{I'm a Nola girl, and "lagniappe" just means a little something extra!}

Do you use Evernote? It's my most favorite free application/program in the world. Ever. You join for free, install a clipper in your toolbar, then browse the web as usual. Anything you want to save or remember, you highlight it, click your new "clip" on your toolbar, and it makes a copy for your Evernote account. You can file things by your own tags and even in "notebooks". It's where I keep all of these lagniappe link ideas! You can clip photos, text, even audio and I think video. It automatically saves the source of where it came from so you can find it again or know who to give credit to for an idea. Genius, I tell you.

Anyway, on to sharing a few things from my "winter" Evernote folder:

This beautiful dove ornament is made from a dead light bulb! Perfect for my recycling-crazed daughter. Find the how-to at the fabulously crafty Childmade site.

Make crystallized pipe cleaner ornaments! What a great project to do with the kids! Find instructions at Homemade Mamas, where they are hosting 12 days of homemade Christmas.

I love all of the cutesie holiday goodies going around this time of year. But when you put together all of the cute ideas I want to make, it amounts to sugar overload! So I am so happy when I find cute, holiday-themed foods that aren't sweets! Here is a snowman cheeseball snack. Find the recipe at the super-fun site, Cute Food for Kids.

But the sweets are good too (in moderation)! Here are Nutter Butter Reindeer Pops! Find the how-to at one of my fave crafty sites, The Idea Room.

Are you familiar with the blog, A Girl and a Gluegun? Kimbo is an absolute genius! I love to see what she comes up with next! Here is one of her latest creations - she cut a stuffed animal in half and made it into this so-precious kids' scarf! Go to her site for the how-to.

Last is this hilarious melting snowman cookie! Find instructions at one of my fave cookie sites, The Decorated Cookie. Meaghan shares so many how-tos, tutorials, and hints for making awesome cookies!

Happy Winter!

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