Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gardening: More on Container Gardening and Growing From Seed

My seedlings are growing into little plants!

We had another cold spell, even had snow flurries! So my little plants have been holed up indoors. But on warm, sunny days they get outside to taste that golden sunshine! The green beans are ready to be trellised! 

I found some resources on container gardening, for those of you who don't have the space for a yard garden. I have a large deck that I will be doing some container gardening on, so I'll be gardening along with ya! 

Container gardening resources:

Texas A&M University: Vegetable gardening in containers
Garden Guides: Guide to container gardening
West Virginia University extension service: Container gardening
Arizona Master Gardener manual: Vegetable garden: Container garden
Virginia Tech extension service: Four keys to successful container gardening

For those who have started seeds indoors along with me, I also found some really cool resources for you at You Grow Girl):

Printable seed-starting chart

Build a do-it-yourself lighting system

Seed-starting instructions

Make your own seed-starting mix

What to do about tall & floppy seedlings

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