Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patricks Day: Leprechaun Hats

Lindsay at the Dollhouse Bake Shoppe blog made some leprechaun hat cake pops with fondant. Jill and I decided to make something similar with cookies and marshmallows.

We gently drilled holes into the mint-chocolate cookies with an ice pick, then we stuck pop sticks through the cookies and marshmallows to make the hat shapes.

Then we melted white chocolate, mixed in some liquid green food coloring (gel food coloring seems to thicken white chocolate too much), and coated the "hats".

We let them dry (Note to self: Self, use waxed paper to put them on next time!), then turned them over and coated the tops with the green chocolate. I filled a green take-out box (from Michael's craft store) with granulated sugar and stuck them in there to let the tops dry.

Then using a tube of black gel icing, we drew bands & buckles around the hats. 

Finally, we put plastic around each one and tied a curly green ribbon around it. I put them back in the box of sugar so the whole thing will look nice on the St. Patrick's Day table!

Okay, I am definitely not Martha Stewart (or Lindsay!), but they are a cute effort, the kids will love them, and maybe they'll inspire you to make some better ones!

Still more St. Patrick's goodies to come today!

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